What happened to Mark Lerner’s Daily overview for all astrological signs?

Not the individual ones, but the full daily overview for the world. I enjoyed reading that and now it’s gone. Did Yahoo just choose to get rid of it or is it gone completely? Is it on another website? If it’s on astrology.com, I sure couldn’t find it. Of course, astrology.com is not the sort of website I’d like to enter a lot of personal information into, anyway.

3 Answers

  • Yahoo took it off for some reason – and yes, that’s a bad thing. I did a little hacking around on Google and found that you can see the readings still if you go to the following:


    As you can see, the date is set in the URL — for a future day, you actually will have to enter the date in manually.

    I.E. You want to know what the reading is for October 1st 2010, you would enter:


    That’s the only way to see this now and it ꜱᴜcκs, but thought I would post this workaround for anyone who needs it.

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