What happened to Soleil Borda (Tina) from Still Standing?

I've heard a lot of places that she died because the Halloween episode of that show was "In Loving Memory" of her...but there's still no formal record on her death online. I'm wondering because I had a really creepy dream about her last night that I found photographs of her with blood and bruises all over her face and then today I found out for the first time that she might have passed away...creepy, huh?

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  • wow, i was sort of taken aback when i read your question. it almost devastated me that someone so young could die so i had to look it up. apparently there was some kind of rumor going around that she was but nothing confirmed or denied it.


  • Soleil Borda

  • Soleil is not dead. She's a senior in high school and is active in both Facebook and instagram

  • Shes alive, not acting anymore, dead in acting career

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