What happened to theɴuᴅεboard.com?

7 Answers

  • This page is still working


    Perhaps they are just having problems with the home page?

  • As of 2:20 pm EST April 16th 2007 when you go to www.theɴuᴅεboard.com, it says "Fixing the board, be back soon!".

    The last time i went, at Noon today, it wouldn't load. Instead giving a gateway timeout error.

    So, it may have been general maintenance or it could be a complete board overhaul. Either way, there has been some progress.

    Athough it would have been nice if they had given an ETA of when the board would be back.

    Source(s): www.theɴuᴅεboard.com
  • Theɴuᴅεboard

  • Isn't that why Enzyte was invented by Smilin Bob?

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  • I was asking the same thing, seems down but weird that the other site is still up

  • yea its been down for days now, hope its not gone for good.... what are some other good boards?

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