what happens if antibitotics don’t work?

i am currently on antibiotics to treat my gums because i’m having dental implants next week

i had really bad teeth for since i was little because my family couldn’t afford taking me to the dentist which led to having my teeth fall out and made room for gum infection…

so now i was wondering what if the antibiotics didn’t work, will the dentist still be able to give me dental implants? and how will he get rid of the infection?

2 Answers

  • Wow! That’s for an oral surgeon to answer! Because it will depend on if that if that infection did damage to the underlying bone-which is instrumental to implants!

  • you need to ask your dentist these questions. Antibiotics is just medicine that is made to kill microorganisms in your body. Along with killing bad bacteria, it also kills good bacteria in your body so the rest of your body is more open to infections. Doesn’t necessarily mean you definately will get an infection, but your chance are increased. I don’t think your dentist can put in implants while your gums are still infected.

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