What happens if I have more than 30 guests on the beach for my wedding in Hawaii?

My family is going to Kauai for vacation, and my fiancé and are wanting to get married on the beach since most of our family will already all be there together.  I saw that you have to get a beach permit, and you can have no more than 30 people. Well, we would have about 36 which includes some kids around 2 years old.  I’m just wondering how regulated that would be.  Would those younger kids technically count as numbers?  Since this would be on a public beach, how far back would the extra 6 people have to be in order to “not be part of the group” and just happen to be at the beach?

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  • What is the date for the wedding?

    You need to be aware of the social gathering restrictions due to COVID.

    Kauai is currently at Tier 4…


    Here is the information for metrics of the Tiers..


    For Tier 4 at parks, beaches, trails, and campgrounds the limit is no more than 25. 

    And you need 36… you may have a problem.

    Locals are antsy about COVID due to the limited medical services on the outlying islands.

  • Hawaii changed the guidelines before Thanksgiving to allow individuals with a negative PCR test within 72 hours the ability to not quarantine.

    It’s probably not so regulated that they count people. 

  • Is the 30 limit a COVID thing? Have you checked out the COVID restrictions? As far as I know, Hawaii still requires a quarantine period, and visitors have been arrested for leaving their hotels when they were supposed to be quarantining. Depending on when you plan on going, those restrictions may be lifted if the numbers continue to go down, but you need to find out if you can even be there. My city just raised the numbers of people who can gather, and Hawaii may do that, too. 

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