What happens if you fail a class AFTER graduation?

Here’s my scenario: my school has graduation the day after classes end. I have already applied and been approved for graduation. But, what happens if I don’t pass one of the classes I am currently taking? The graduation ceremony occurs before the grade posting deadline. Could the school rescind my degree even after I’ve walked?

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  • Yes, they can rescind it. Chances are they won’t even be giving you a real degree at graduation if your grades aren’t posted yet – they’ll wait until they’re sure you passed. If you needed to pass the class to complete the degree, you’ll have to stay and finish it over the summer or next year to get the degree.

  • Graduation processions are purely symbolic celebrations. They have zero bearing on whether you actually graduate or not (a lot of students do not even attend college ceremonies). Up to this point you have only been conditionally approved contingent upon final grade review. Once final grades have settled, the college will review all grad petitions and award the degrees if all requirements have been met. You’ll then get “degree conferred” on your transcript and those two words are proof you have graduated. Employers who require a transcript will want to see these two words. This whole process often takes weeks, even months, to complete due to the bureaucracy. Therefore, if you failed you technically are not having your degree rescinded since that implies you have been awarded one in the first place, which isn’t the case.

  • Yes they can hold your degree and if it was a required class to graduate then they will. A co-worker went to the graduation ceremony for Spring 2008, but had to go to school for another semester because he failed one class. Regardless of units held, schools have requirements.

  • my high school had that….when we graduated, we only received a diploma holder, not the diploma. We got the diploma in the mail. If we didn’t pass a class or exam, we never got the diploma in the mail. Our graduation was the weekend between the two school weeks of finals.

  • they can, if you didnt pass all the required courses for the degree then you did not earn that degree… diplomas don’t get mailed out for many weeks after graduation (when you walk accross stage you get a stand in scroll, not the actual diploma).. they check final grades before mailing them out.

  • If you fail in a class in graduation then you can not start next level of your study .You will reappear that exams if want continues study in future .

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