What happens if you put aluminum foil in a microwave?

I always wanted to know…

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  • Why don’t you try it then. If you survive, please inform us of the results.

  • Aluminum Foil In Microwave

  • you should never put animals inside, and never stare up close directly into a working oven for longer than a few moments at a time. Finally, never put metal such as aluminum foil into a microwave oven. Besides preventing the microwaves from reaching and heating up the food it conceals, aluminum foil tends to give off sparks that might start a fire.

    Here’s why. As its name implies, a microwave oven uses intense microwaves to heat and cook food. Like any electromagnetic wave, a microwave consists of electric and magnetic fields. When the strong microwaves produced by a microwave oven interact with a sheet of aluminum foil, their electric fields cause the mobile electrons in the foil to accumulate at the sheet’s sharp, pointed tips. This build-up of electrons creates a strong electric field in the surrounding air. When the electric field becomes strong enough it causes free electrons in the air to accelerate and jar loose more electrons from gas molecules in the air, which then go on to jar even more electrons loose. This chain reaction creates an electrical charge in the air, which shows itself as sparks. Although rounded metal objects such as spoons are less likely to create sparks, the safest bet is to avoid putting any kind of metal in the microwave.

  • It depends on the microwave.

    In mine – a combi model – absolutely nothing. Though food wrapped in foil will not cook (the foil screen the waves). I often microwave fast food in foil dishes though – it works just fine.

    Other microwaves it will fry – the foil reflects microwaves back at the magnetron, so the magnetron must be designed to cope with this.

  • 1) depending upon the model and power of the microwave, it could damage it for good.

    2) If you crumple and wad up the foil into a ball it makes a really cool looking sparkly light show. Just don’t grab the foil immediately after, it gets real hot.

  • It will arc, there will be lots of blue sparks and crackles, it will finally explode destroying the microwave, fusing the electrics and possibly causing a fire.

    I’ve always found food has better results.

  • nothing as long as you don’t turn it on. If you do turn it on, what happens next is a trip out to buy a new microwave.

  • the aluminum foil will explode in the microwave end of story.

  • looks like a bolt of lightning, loud popping noise, RIP microwave…..

  • fire if something is touching it and possible arcs that can destroy the oven ( the fire comes from personal experience – who knew that fast food wrappers had a unseen foil lining ! ? )

  • I was stupid enough to try this, don’t do it! It sparks, and this nasty smoke fills up the kitchen. Truly vile, I tell you.

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