what happens to mail without apartment number on?

my mum sent me packages for christmas but she didn’t put the apartment number on the adress. Will these packages be held in the post office for a while or just returned to sender?

I’m trying to call all post offices in the area but having no luck speaking to anyone.

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  • If it has your name on, they should be delivered to you – the post office has to make all reasonable effort to deliver items, and so you should get yours.

    It may be returned to sender if your mum wrote that.

    Could be worth asking neighbours or the doormen if you think they might have ended up somewhere like that.

    It is a nightmare getting through to the post offices, but keep trying!

  • Maybe they have been dropped off at your apartments’ leasing office? That what usually happens at my place. In any case, they will be mailed back eventually.

    You need to find out which particular post-office handles the area of your apartment complex. How has it been sent? By USPS (regular mail), or by UPS, or some other carrier? If by UPS, then you need to call them, not your post-office. Good Luck!

  • A lot of times they will leave it with the office or a neighbor. If it’s the USPS, they won’t leave a note telling you they did, either. I’d check the office every now and then. You may have to drive to the post office, they’re too busy to answer their phones most of the time in december.

  • They will either go to the office on premises or back to the post office or returned to sender.

  • go to the post office and ask if they have any packages for you, and leave a number they can reach you at when they get it.

    ask how long they keep a package for before shipping it back and check back often to make sure it doesn’t get shipped back.

  • returned to sender unless the post man knows what apartment the person it is addressed to lives in.

  • In my neighborhood the mailmen put it in a special box, and at the end of the week, everyone draws a number, and the lucky winner gets to take the box of unoƿє-ṅєd mail and check it for cash and prizes.

  • Yes, they should have them at the post office

  • they will leave it at the post office

  • return to sender

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