What happens when a tornado meets a volcano?

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  • What is the volcano doing when the tornado hits it? Also, remember a volcano is a very large object and compared to a tornado is gigantic. A tornado next to your average volcano is like a flea on a dog. Lets say the volcano is spraying ash. The tornado would take in ash and disperse it. This hot ash might even undo the mechanics of the tornado and dissipate it. I do not see a tornado doing much with lava flows. If it did pick up a bit of lava, that would not compare to the amount of lava that a volcano throws around on its own. Any picked up would probably harden very quickly and probably be whipped into a basaltic pumice. Lets say the volcano is blowing its top. The energy released in this would dwarf the most powerful tornado in the world. That tornado would not stand a chance against that. All in all, a tornado would not do much to add to the damage a volcano can do. The volcano is much more powerful. The damage it can do is much greater than the damage a tornado can do. A good comparison would be like a person going to a building after a fire and breaking any remaining windows. The damage they are doing is pretty serious but is nothing compared to what the fire had done.

  • Tornado Meets A Volcano

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    What happens when a tornado meets a volcano?

  • Im Umar,and as we all know both tornado and volcano erruption are one of the natures worst disasters,but comparing who is more davestating,this answer can be divided into two ways,first,which can do more damage,and the other,what happens if the come face to face,meeting each other.

    if we talk about damage,we will take both tornado and volcano as a average one,not the one which is to small or the one which is very large.as when volcano,erupts,the lave which will came out cannot be stopped by anything normally,as it flows with great pressure,as covers a large area,before it drys and become like of basalt rock.if we take a tornado,it can damage but not as fast as the rate of volcano,but i cannot be stopped too by ANYTHING,as anything coming in contact will be blown away or if it has enough contact with the ground,it may remain there but still cannot stop the the tornado.however,even tornado is more duraible,volcano is more davastating.

    then we come to VS mode,the strong winds blowing in the volcano cannot be stopped by a hot flowing liquid,but will become hot,and bad for volcano(as the wind takes the heat from the lave),the lava loose its temperature,ofcourse the volcano will win,BUT it its larger then the average ONE.so in this case tornado wins.

    but we have to give edge to VS fight.it can be proved as the there are many other disasters happening,not only in the earth,but on other planets,like the great storm on neptune,which is larger then mars itself.but it isnt causing us any damage,or if we were SUPER HUMANS these disasters are nothing for us.but by this,can you say that if the GREAT STORM is not great ??

  • Unlikely to happen since tornadoes usually only form and roam across somewhat flat land, Mountains and volcanoes will rarely, if ever, experience tornadoes.

  • i don’t think it can happen since the pressure around the two are so drasticly different…not to mention the temperature, the heat from a volcano might just kill the tornado, but certainly not vice verse…the swirly rainbow of heat and death sounded kinda cool too though…

  • the volcano would have to pay $5 for sucky sucky to the tornado lol

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  • most tornadoes or twisters are basically leveled ground born. it takes a huge amount of electricity to build a twister. most volcanoes are not flat and has a cove or file of stone around it’s mouth , it is very unlikely to have a twister atop of a volcano.

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