What happens when you eat at a restaurant and walk out without paying the bill?

11 Answers

  • Cameras are everywhere, so they will find you.

    Karma isn’t so forgiving.

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  • You need to wait till nobody is looking and run like you’ve never ran before.  Make sure you parked where they can’t see your car or tag.  It’s pretty simple.

  • Theey would be like why did you no pay i will call cop and you is jail. This happen to me and now i am jail it is sad

  • they pat you on the back and thank you for gracing them with your presence

  • Don’t do it on my watch. I will throw you in the back of my pick up truck and take you through a car wash.

  • Most restaurants won’t just let you walk out without paying so it’s more accurate to ask what if you snuck out ,and if you did they would call the police and the server will have to cover your bill

  • They file a complaint with the police and you can be arrested.

  • You become a ‘man on the run.’

  • The police are called and are given a description of you. They’ll probably look around the block for you for about 20 minutes and then call off the search. It’s treated like a petty shop-lifting case. Just don’t return to the restaurant, or if you do, just hope nobody recognizes you. Also (just in my experience working at a Perkins) the poor waiter/waitress who was serving you usually has to cover your bill if you aren’t found, as it’s their responsibility to make sure you didn’t do that in the first place.

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