What happens when you win a radio contest?

like say you need to be caller # 100 or whatever. do they pick up immediatly and tell you that you've won? Do they take forever to answer? Do they pick up then say hang on and wait 20 mins to tell youthat you've won?? PLease tell your radio story or if you know what happens tell me please

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  • they take your name and address-when I won tickets, they were waiting at the box office for me

  • I was a DJ for several years and also worked as the promotion director managing the prizes for handout. When I had contests that needed called number 100 or so, I'd answer and say "You're number 1" (as an example) until I got to the proper number. Then I'd talk to them off air and prerecord them, never live. People do say stupid things. Then I'd fill out a card with the listener/winners info and turn it into the front desk along with their prize (if it was a set of tickets it would be in an envelope stapled to the card, if it was larger it would remain locked up in the prize closet). The winner would then have 30 days to claim their prize from the front desk.

    I worked for 8 different radio stations and never at any of them did we have more than 4 lines to answer and cycle through.

  • Most radio stations have 15 to 20 phone lines incoming.They normally have interns,DJ's or producers grabbing every call . In Chicago land they normally will take like 9 th caller or 19th caller which they have a winner in less than a minute.I've won many concert tickets from about 5 different rock &country radio stations.All you can do is keep trying and make sure you give correct information because they will disqualify you- It does happen

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