What if a guy talks about you to his friends…?

so this guy talks about me at his lunch table with his friends and one of them won't tell me what its about he says that the guy is too shy and "embarrassed" about it

what do you think they say about me?

what does this mean?

2 Answers

  • Usually when a guy talks about you to his friends it is either:

    1. He likes you.

    2. He thinks you are ugly or laughing at you.

    3. He thinks you are hot (but not relationship material).

    I think you should know which you fall under. Unless they laugh at you then it is either #1 or #3.

  • My major "crush" talks about me in front of his friends. He and I are friends and he told me they say I'm pretty cool.... He does know I like him; Once again, best friends. I think he's starting to relize I like him more than he thinks.

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