what is 5 cylinder engine?

2007 chevy colorado

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  • chevy has the , audi has 5 cylinders , just more powerful than a 4 cylinder and not as strong as a 6 cylinder , you dont know much about cars do you .

  • An engine with 5 cylinders and 5 pistons. Not overly common but were good engines 

  • An engine with five pistons. 

  • The device under the hood.

  • Not a 4 cylinder and not a 6 cylinder. You a little slow this morning? I worked on a Colorado and wouldn’t buy one! To change the brake rotors in the front you have to pull the hubs out of the wheel bearings to get at the bolts holding the rotors on to the hub. GM must have hired someone from FORD that designed that stupid brake system.

  • An engine with 5 cylinders, what else? Sort of smooth as a 6 but cheap as a four, I’d the idea.

    Most famous one would be the Audi Quattro (2.2l). Volvo made a great 2.5l that was most commonly found in a Ford Focus ST. VW made a V5 (1.8l) used in Golfs and Passats in the 90s and 2000s.

    Also commonly found in commercial vehicle diesels.

  • It’s an engine which has more than 4 cylinders and fewer than 6…

    They were marketed as having the power and smoothness of an inline 6 cylinder model, but with almost the fuel economy of a 4 cylinder. 

    They did neither, although they could be excellent such as in the legendary Volvo 850 T5. But developments of 4 cylinder engines made them achieve much the same at lower manufacturing costs, greater reliability, and lower mass.

  • It’s an engine with 5 cylinders and 5 pistons travelling up-and-down within them…

  • It’s an inline five cylinder engine.

    Quite common in older GM mid-size pickups and SUVs.  

  • It’s an engine with 5 cylinders.

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