What is a 6 tool player in baseball?

7 Answers

  • Hitting for average

    Hitting for power




    Plate Discipline

  • Never heard of it before. A 5 tool player, on the other hand, is a position player who:

    1. Hits for average

    2. Hits for power

    3. Is a good baseunner

    4. Is a good fielder

    5. Has a good throwing arm

    I’m not exactly sure what the 6th tool would be.

  • i had never seen it before 2-3 days ago in an article saying tim tebow was a good baseball player. his coach said the 6th was character (leadership).

    plate discipline and pitching are it.

    5 tool has been and will be the standard.

  • A 6 tool player can snort coke while in the batter’s box

  • He’s a five tool player who can also pitch.

  • pretty sure there are only 5 tools…unless the 6th is leadership or something…the first 5 are what get you PAID

  • Babe Ruth

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