What is a Contemporary Monologue?

I’m a 13 year old female, and I’m auditioning for James and the Giant Peach. It specifies that I need a contemporary monologue for the audition… I don’t know what a contemporary monologue is, or where to find it… HELP!

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  • it is a monologue that is based in the “present” or can be placed now. here’s an example:

    When are we getting married? Its too late Keith. When you walked out on me, you walked out on yourself too. That other Keith was confident and conceited, but at least he stood for something! What was it? Thunder, and Lightning, and Power, and Truth! Wasn’t that what you said? And when you believe in something, you have to be willing to starve for it! Well, I suppose that just leaves me a young lady with a career. Or shall we just say a young lady.

    Stage Door By Edna Ferber and George Kaufman

    I preformed that monologue for an audition for a show and I made the part I went for! You just have to be honest with it.

  • Contemporary Monologue

  • i had to have a couple of monologues too to audition for parts in a play at school before.

    one had to be a more of a classic monologue, like shakespeare, and one had to be contemporary.

    contemporary basically is newer. like something from the play Wicked would be contemporary, because it’s new. (just an example)

    and just google “contemporary monologue” and a bunch of things should come up. i still have a link that i might have used before to get my monologue.

  • Non shakespearean, a monologue that reflects the current time about stuff that is happen now.

    Barnes and Nobles sells monologue books in their very limited theater section.

    OR…. you can tell a story about something very exciting that happen to you. A special trip, a terrible outing.

    Bascially people want to be entertained for 2 to 3 minutes and to see if you can carry a story and be natural.

  • https://shorturl.im/awpPI

    Once upon a time, there was a little boy upon whom his mother and father showered nothing but love, kindness, warmth, all that stuff. He had his own little room in a big house in the middle of a pretty forest. He wanted for nothing: all the toys in the world were his; all the paints, all the books, papers, pens. All the seeds of creativity were implanted in him from an early age and it was writing that became his first love: short stories, fairy tales, little novels . . . and some of them were good, some of them were very good. ————————————– Yes, Katurian is a man, and so is Hamlet, but that didn’t stop Sarah Bernhardt from playing him.

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