What is a “full bodied” ale?

I hear this expression a lot but have no idea what it means. Is there such a thing as half-bodied ale? What is body?

5 Answers

  • like the poster above me said, it usually has a more distinct flavor. most of the time the ale’s are darker, and have a malty sweetness/bitterness to it.

  • Full body beers have complex character, better head retention and enhanced mouthfeel. Usually a thicker, sweeter beer such as traditional ales, browns, porters and stouts, where a full body beer style is very desirable.They usually use heavy, carmalized, and sweeter malts to make them. The pungent taste has nothing to do with body, that’s usually the hops.

    I’ve never heard of a half-bodied ale. They just refer to those as lighter.

  • A full bodied ale is an ale that was brewed with a larger quantity of malt. Not all of it is fermented out and this unfermented sugar and proteins leave the beer thicker, or fuller bodied.

  • Strong flavor, thicker head, higher alcohol content, higher priced, generally consumed by full body men (BIG BELLY or Big Ego)

  • Usually means it will have a more pungent taste.

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