What is a good site to find music for tumblr? (MP3 links)?

I’m looking for site where they have mp3s hosted already.. not to download but like that are a link? As in katenash.nicestthing.mp3

Tumblr requests a link like that so that I can add a music file to my blog… or maybe I’m just confused about that too. Help?

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  • http://beemp3.com/ :Find songs from there, enter code to download MP3, then get the MP3 url, and paste the url at your audio post tumblr page.

    You can upload one music per day from your computer. But if you’re using an externally hosted audio file (like through beemp3.com) to post, there’s no limit for it.

  • Mp3 Links

  • Well

    A good link to download Muzik is: http://bit.ly/1k3z143

    Good free solution


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