What is a good substitute for nail glue?

Don’t tell me super glue or anything like that because I’m desperate, and I already thought of that. Thank you if you can give me something. I have the nails and I painted them already and I wish I had time to go look for the right glue or grow my nails, but I don’t have more than a couple hours.

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  • Yep. Cyanoacrylate (superglue, crazyglue, etc.) Nothing else will work. You only have a few hours? Super glue only needs a few seconds… and I’ll bet you can buy it at the nearest 7-11, gas station store, etc so it’s close by!

  • Alternative To Nail Glue

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  • I’ve found that in a pinch, clear topcoat nail polish will work great. I did that 3 days ago and the nail hasn’t come off at all. Just use a thick coat and press the nail down.

  • Sorry, but Super Glue is the right answer. Nails are always attached with cycanoacrylate adhesive, AKA superglue. Most drugstores and hardware stores have it.

  • You can use acrylic. File your nail dip a brush in the acrylic liquid and powder put it on your nail then place the fake nail ontop

  • double back tape, carpet tape works well

  • There is no other alternative other than superglue

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