What is a mandelón?

This weekend at one of my fiancé’s family functions, his family kept calling him “mandelón”. I asked him what it meant but he wouldn’t tell me. It is some sort of Mexican slang word, because I speak Castilian Spanish and have never heard of it. Does anyone know what it means?

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  • It’s spelled ” MANDILON” When someone calls a married man MANDILON is to make fun of him, because he does whatever his wife would tell him to do. In other words, He is not the one calling the shots in the house. But he’s not a slave! To better understand what I’m trying to say, a Mandilon is a married man that gives in and helps the wife with the home chores. That’s why the apron thing and the baby stuff. They try to picture him as a weak man. And I hate to say it, but I think a MANDILON has more guts than a Macho man…… By the way, the ones who came up with that name were the stupid MACHO men. So, question to you… Who would you preffer, a man that understands you and helps around the house or a Macho man that humiliates you and just sits in the couch to watch FOOTBALL< BASEBALL<SOCCER or any other sport?

  • Mandelon

  • ive heard of mandilon… which is basically the guy lets the girl push him around and lets her tell him what to do and bosses him around… a big insult in mexico bak then because of the fact machismo was very much alive… to say that the big macho guy lets the wife tell him what to do… thats not good for a guy

  • Mexican Wedding Custom The young women of the group may grab the bridegroom to sing a song to him. It is called “El Mandelon” which roughly translates as head of the household. They dress him in an apron, put a baby and a broom in his hands and sing, “Now you can’t leave to walk around alone, mandelon, mandelon.” http://www.simplyfamily.com/display.cfm?articleID=…

  • Mexican slang yes…but its actually “mandilon” which means that a guy does whatever the girl tells him to do. ^_^

  • In Italy a mandelon is a guitar, well almost, and it plays like one but it is shaped alot different. I can’t describe how it is shaped. but it does have a long neck like a guitar, but the body is shaped different. hope this helps.

  • Mandilon. A guy who does what his wife tells him. Good job.

  • A Queer.

    Good luck

  • A guy who is whipped! Haha, good job on finding this one 🙂

  • maybe it means you are like a flower, or a musical insturment

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