What is a pill that is an upper vs a downer some people were talking about it? What are they?

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  • Well doll, that can mean a whole lot of things!

    1) striaight upper like cocaine, meth, etc.. as mentioned before, however these drugs are normally smoked or snorted, rarely are they taken in pill form. Also for “normal” people, A.D.D. medication such as ritalin, a methampetamine type drug, is like taking speed! Lots of abuse of the “kids” A.D.D. meds these days…

    2) Lots of downers out there, pretty much anything that mellows you out, lorazepam, zanax, etc…. take your pick….

    3) A combination of drugs, typically done when taking ecstasy, which is a stimulant, taken at the same time. Ecstacy starts out with a high, then fades off, then comes back, then fades, then comes back, gradually lessening each time for about 8 hours. This is why they call it “rolling”. People often take another drug, acid, or smoke pot, or something else of that nature, this in effect “flips” your “buzz” back and forth, which is why the kiddies call it “candyflipping”

    One other thing to note, lots of the ecstasy kids get in “clubs” are often not true ecstasy (MDMA), but a home brewed mixture of heroin and cocaine into a pill form… I once saw a person, who got a “bad pill” with to much heroine, not pretty…. of course this was all a long time ago, so who knows what they are mixing up today…

    Hope this helps you out… Do you have anything more specific?

    Thats my 2 cents…. 🙂


  • Uppers Vs Downers

  • Well first I think the people have the right to know that the link to the CCHR website given in a previous answer is directly related to the Church of Scientology. Secondly, saying that there ecstasy pills are laced with heroin and cocaine is utterly BS. Truth is, you would never have enough heroin or cocaine in a small pill to get you high. Furthermore, heroin or cocaine are way more expensive than MDMA (the chemical name of Ecstasy) so why would drug dealers, who are people only interested in making more money, use more expensive stuff to sell it in cheap as chip pills (ecstasy pills in Europe are typically being sold for 4 to 10 euros)? This is a myth a bit long in the tooth and it’s a pity we still have to deal with such unsubstantiated fake stories as this one.

    What is true though is that a lot of pills sold as ecstasy are laced with methamphetamine, especially in America. And you could also get bunk pills with piperazine and a lot of diverse adulterants in ecstasy pills.

    Now back to the original question : uppers are stimulants. They act on the dopamine and epinephrine pathways in the brain and thus make you more “hyper”, more energetic, give you a lot of peps, raise your heart rate and blood pressure and curb your appetite (hence they can sometimes be used as diet pills). Amphetamines are all uppers (methamphetamine is just one type of amphetamine among others). Adderall, Ritalin also belong to the class of amphetamines. MDMA, a.k.a. ecstasy, also belongs to the class of amphetamines, but acts more as a euphoriant than it does as a stimulant (MDMA stands for methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine, but the Methylenedioxy in the molecule radically changes its effects on the brain). Cocaine is also a stimulant but acts differently from amphetamines because cocaine doesn’t directly release dopamine between the neurons (in the synaptic gap where it is active and accounts for the effects). Instead it just hinders its reuptake by the releasing neurons which has the same end result: more dopamine in the synaptic gap, so more effect. Did I mention that coffee (with its caffeine content) and tobacco (with nicotine) are also (somewhat weaker) uppers.

    Downers on the other hand don’t primarily act on the dopamine and epinephrine pathways so they don’t energize you. On the contrary, they have the exact opposite effect : they are Central Nervous System depressants, and as such they slow you down, can make you sleepy or downright drowsy. Marijuana and alcohol are downers. And so are all benzodiazepene prescription pills such as Diazepam and Lorazepam and a lot of meds ending with “am” (but not exclusively). While they can make you feel sleepy, they can help people deal with their anxiety.

    Uppers and downers are all potentially addictive. This applies to prescription drugs and controlled schedule substances alike.

  • An upper makes your heart rate increase and thoughts race. Example: Meth, cocaine, herion.

    A downer may make you feel depressed, mellow, or tired. Your heart rate is a little slower.

    Example: Alcohol, some over the counter medication, marijuana.

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