what is a “roach” when smoking pot??

i have no idea what a roach is

15 Answers

  • “Roach” is slang for a very small, last part of a marijuana type cigarette. Picture a cigarette without the filter, if you were to try smoking this cigarette all the way, you would burn your fingers because there is no place to hold it as it is burning down to the bottom.

    Keeping this in mind, people usually end up dying out the “joint” (joint is another slang for a marijuana cigarette) before they burn their fingers, this leaves a very small piece of the original whole “joint”.

    People save these little pieces or “roaches” to be smoked when they have something to clip onto the “roach” so they can finish smoking it later. (like tweezers or a pin) hence the world “Roach clips”.

    Found a video that shows roaches at the very being (link below)

    Hope this helps.

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  • What Is A Roach

  • When you smoke a joint, If anything is left over it is usually referred to as a “roach”

  • roach smoking pot

  • Its that little piece left when the fire gets to your lips that is too wet to burn any more.

    Does anyone know why they call it a roach?

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  • its the butt you hear in movies that people want to smoke the roach

  • rolled up cardboard used as a tip or filter

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