what is a statutory organisation?

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  • A statutory organisation, otherwise known as a statutory body is an organisation that holds regulatory powers that are prescribed to by law.

    A number of such organisations/bodies are the British Medical Council, the Architect’s Registration Board, CORGI (Council for Registered Gas Installers), the British Standards Institute, etc.

  • Statutory Organisations

  • One with a legal (statutory = in a legal statute) responsibility to do something for people, such as the NHS, Social Services, the Prison Service, the Police Service, the Probation Service, and the education service. To be distinguished from voluntary organisations, which may provide some of these services (e.g. the NSPCC does child protection work, health charities proivde advice and equipment to patients) but are not part of the state framework.

  • In UK.

    An organisation created by statute (Parliamentary Law.)

    e.g. The Health and safety Executive

    HM Customs and excise.

    Fire safety exec and their inspectors.

    Factory Inspectors

    Environmental Inspectors.

    Individuals from these organisations have statutory powers to enter premises, make searches, inspect documents and computer drives and if necessary remove them, without permission from the owner. They do not have to make appointments and cannot legally be denied entry.

    Police officers with a warrant and prison officers in search of escaped convicts are also said to be from statutory organisations

  • Statutory means “As per Law”.So I believe Statutory Organisation means An org working as per law.

    Hope that answers ur questions.

  • I dunno, I’ve never heard of it. Maybe it’s just in your state?

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