What is a virtual audio device? (Please read question before answering!!)?

I installed this thing called playon a while ago and after the installation, my speaker icon changed from the “no audio output device installed” message to the regular speaker icon. I went over to the icon and it said “Playon Virtual Audio Device”. The funny thing is I still don’t have any sound. What is a virtual audio device and if it says I have sound why doesn’t the sound work? Thank you for your answers.

Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit SP2

2 Answers

  • I think a VAD (Virtual Audio Device) is a driver that allows a piece of audio software or firmware to initiate. What I’d do is try uninstalling whatever you installed that cause your problem because clearly, this sounds like a problem that has to do with different drivers conflicting with each other. If uninstalling doesn’t work, try doing a System Restore to before you installed the program. Another thing you can do is try updating the drivers for your VADs.

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