what is accuchecks in nursing?

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  • It refers to improper use of a brand name. Similar to calling all photocopiers a "Xerox". It's simply a silly (unprofessional?) oversight.

    The proper term is "Blood Glucose Monitoring/Measurement". Different places often use slightly different terminology. Also commonly referred to by the general public as "blood sugar checks". Commonly abbreviated as "BG/BGMs" in healthcare.

    Accucheck is a common brand of blood glucose monitor used in healthcare, but it is not the only one.

    If you are requested to do an "Accucheck", you are being asked to check a patient's blood glucose level bedside using capillary blood. In other words, a fingerpoke draw. No lab requests or venous blood draws are required.

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    1. New patient/new diagnosis/home care equipment use, explain, demonstrate and have pt demonstrate for you, ask if any questions, give number to call if problems. When to notify MD if blood glucose is <60 or > 200 or what ever their threshold is and drink water, 2. Names of medications, reasons why taking, outcome if not taken and who to notifiy if meds unavail, maintain proper diet, wt/ exercise, side effects of meds. I know you need something along these lines,much simpler, but hope it helps. Or Knowledge deficit of home blood glucose moniter Education regarding medications for new diagnosis

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    what is accuchecks in nursing?

  • Accuchecks

  • Accu-checks

  • He may and may not recieve any insulin at all. But it will depend on the type of insulin he is on, if any, and the correction ratio he needs. This may be the after breakfast testing and depending on the number of carb grams he ate for that meal, he may not need additional insulin.

  • The only term I'm familiar with regarding Accucheck is the brand name of the Accucheck machine that does blood sugar readings......

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