What is an A1C rank, what do they do?

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  • Airman First Class. They do what their supervisors tell them to do. It is a general rank… They are in each enlisted AFSC and the jobs are all different, sometimes even within the same career.

  • A1c Rank

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    Congrats!!! … and sorry. You’re days will be long and boring. You’re day will begin and end w/ about an hour at the armory. Then 8-12 standing guard. You will have one of the higest deployment schedules in the USAF, and going to school will be nearly impossible. (I said nearly.) I’d suggest a different job is possible… and so would your NCOs. Security Forces also has one of the highest cross-training rates in the USAF. Very few do a full 20 as Security Forces.

  • Airman First Class.

  • Airman First Class. Their job is to learn their primary AFSC and the job they have been assigned to. Their work, by regs, has to be supervised.

    In my office there was me, a SSgt, and 3 A1C’s I assigned work and schedules, they did work and learned from me and SOP’s. In a small office you usually get treated very well but there is a lot more work you must do and learn. Which in turn provides you with better chances of promotion.

  • An A1C is an Airman First Class. While they aren’t the lowest on the ‘food chain’ they are pretty darn close. An A1C’s job is to learn his primary duties and become more technically proficient at his/her AFSC…that’s about it. Soak as much knowledge up about your job that you can from your supervisors and technical orders.

  • A1C = Airman 1st Class = E3 = You do what you’re told to do. And you get yourself ready for leadership courses.

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    What is an A1C rank, what do they do?

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