What is baby deer meat called?

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  • I have no idea, is it a kitten or a puppy? Whatever, it is not edible.

  • Baby Deer Meat

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    There is no risk outlined by most state wildlife agencies for wild game. Fish is a different story. Many people do wild turkey at thanksgiving, and deer through the year. Iam sure if it is cooked well it should be fine. You can actually have your deer processed and tested by a professional butcher if you're concerned about pesticides or chemicals in the carcass from things the animal may have eaten. Ive never looked into the process but i have heard about it. I assume you butcher and freeze your meat, and send out a sample for testing. I Imagine its expensive.' Call your state wildlife department and ask them about feeding the meat to an infant. Obviously people did this for years without an issue, but these days there is much more pollution than there was then 🙂

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    What is baby deer meat called?

  • Deer meat is venison. I don't know if there is a specific term for baby deer meat.

  • Venison. But if you kill a baby, you are gonna be in trouble...

    And btw, 'veal' is a baby cow...Not all baby animal meat is automatically veal. You wouldn't say a baby pig is veal..it is just pork. Deer is venison. Period.

    Source(s): Sullivan University Culinary Arts Degree
  • as soon as they baby is cleared from the Dr (usually at a year) they are ok to eat anything, including deer meat. the only reason they say a year is to avoid allergies. if he is ok with beef or pork or other meats and as long as its not too tough for him (or you grind it up for him) I dont see a problem

  • Sickening

  • It is a fawn not a baby deer. I call it murder, poor little fawn, it is illegal to kill them.

  • A waste...

    ...You should wait 'till they're fully grown, there's more meat on them.

  • It's called (illeagal ) in most states that I know . LOL

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