what is correct email format of anybody’s yahoo email id.?

is it [email protected]

or [email protected]

or anyother format

7 Answers

  • It may be:






    its not @mail.yahoo.com

  • Email Id Format

  • Correct Email Format

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    I think I have received at least 60 in the last 2 days! All for maybe 6 answers! Yahoo made another change before they worked out the bugs - surprise, surprise. I think I received the correct amount of points, just too many multiple notification posts. Hey since Yahoo considers multiple posts of the same or similar note is an abuse (in their current drop down abuse reporting system), can we report Y!A for abuse?!?!?! Just wondering....

  • Yahoo Mail! comes up with three domains at the moment. According to our choice it can be:




    and the domain location may change according to country; let us say it can be

    India - @yahoo.co.in

    England - @yahoo.co.uk

    and so on



  • its yours choice.You can select with the given options

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