What is correct grammar: Looking forward to your visit OR I look forward to your visit?

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  • “I look forward to your visit” is the grammatically correct choice. But “looking forward to your visit” is widely accepted and more informal. Which one you should use depends on who you’re talking to: if it’s someone you want to impress or someone you don’t know that well, I would use “I look forward to your visit.” But if it’s just someone like a close friend or family member, using “looking forward to your visit” would be fine.

  • I am looking forward to your visit

  • Both are correct though it appears that “looking forward” leaves out the “I am” that should be in front. So it does, but it’s an accepted usage to leave it out. It’s the same thing as signing a letter with “regards, Mary”. That really means “I send you my best regards, Mary”, and it’s accepted that the whole phrase is represented by the one word “regards”.

  • “I’m looking forward” or “I look forward” are both correct. “Looking forward” is grammatically incorrect, but pretty accepted usage.

    (Looking forward to your visit, I remain etc. is old, stilted, but correct.)

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    Ich freue mich schon darauf dich zu besuchen, obwohl dein Sofa fehlt.

  • why not make it simple like..i will visit you soon

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