what is court code 43470?

my dad is on probation and on meth and he was recently arrested and all I know is the court code

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  • It's difficult to say since you did not provide the name of the state you are in. Nevertheless I will guess you are in California.

    Code 43470 is the code for the Santa Clara County Superior Court in San Jose.

    Source(s): Me. Sheriff's Dispatcher in California.
  • Santa Clara County Court Code 43470

  • Your going to need to tell us the state and county you live in. Every county has various codes for various things. Also anything written before or after like docket, PC, event number....

  • santa clara county

  • the court he is gonna go to.

  • why is your sister in jail if it was her boyfriend that allegedly had a gun?.. What is the charge against her?..

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