What is difus? Or is it Dyfus?

Ok, well, my mom is always threatening to put me in difus (or dyfus I don’t know how to spell it) and I’m trying to look it up to see what it’s like so that when I go there, I’ll have a picture! Well, when I looked it up, nothing good came up, except "my children were taken away by difus," and "difus. . . "ect.

Is it real?!?!?

Is there a website for it?!?! (If the offices are statewife, I live in NJ)

My mom always threatens me that SHE will call them to take me away, but when I read about it, I saw that it was difus took away the kids from the PARENTS.

anywayz, thanks in advanced. . .


Oh yeah, it’s not me whos misbehaving, it’s my sister and I’m always getting blamed.

You should see me, my arms are all scared and mangled because of her. . .

My sister also threatens me and stuff, so yeah.

I truely think she has some kind of retard disorder, because she is always talking reatarded and hitting, scratching, and throwing things at me (once she actualy threw ME)

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    a child is removed only of they are in danger of their parents. A child goes to foster care or a shelter becuase their lives were in danger, not because you misbehave. If you the child is doing something illegeal than the place you go is jail… DYFS is not for bad kids, but children that were hurt severly by their parents….

  • Difus

  • http://www.state.nj.us/dcf/divisions/dyfs/

    Thats NJ state the website for them.

  • department of youth and family services

    cant you just behave and stop hurting your mom

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