What is Dr.Phil Mcgraw’s email address?

US TV talk show host

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  • Click on the link to send email to Dr. Phil


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    What is Dr.Phil Mcgraw's email address?

    US TV talk show host

  • DR phil I have never sent money in to any one/ but this is a moving story/if I ever was in that lady’s place II want to be with her/ I will find a way to send her money/ moving show////

  • I want to send Dr. Phil an email, regarding the Nick Gorden interview. My email is

    [email protected]

  • You cant alter your yahoo ID/email address You have to make a new one

  • You can use the form on his website


2 thoughts on “What is Dr.Phil Mcgraw’s email address?”

  1. Dr. McGraw , I have been a “ fan “ of your show for years. As of late, you aired a show about the Tinder Swindler and the Anna imposter. Only in countries like ours ( Canada /U.S. ) do we glorify these thieves that allows them to actually profit from their transgressions. They should be censored and fade into obscurity as they deserve ( at the least ). No book or video contracts….restitution ….yes.
    Regrettably, I feel you have just aggrandized these defectives for personal gain over a number of shows. Ratings are important, but you are better than that. Please be careful with how much you commercialize yourself…..it doesn’t have good optics with respect to your education and experience.
    Dr. Michael E. Oerbach

  2. hi,

    I am Freddy luboya, a 47 years old man from Congo DRC where there is a terrible genocide going on. I am obliged to live with my family in Zimbabwe as refugees. I watched Dr Phil show where he spoke about Ukraine and about Congo DRC with moses the Congolese young man.
    please, I have many things to say regarding the situation in Congo. I need Dr Phil email address to send true informations..

    please reply to my message. my whattsapp number and email: +263 73 777 3966 / +263 71 531 0077. [email protected]

    Thank you.


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