What is dweck’s claim in this article

What is dweck's claim in this article


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In Carol S. Dweck's "The secret of raising smart kids", the author opposes the commonly accepted assumption that smartness is a deal of gift or talent. She provides evidence and explanations of why this is not so, and cites the consequences that might have upon a kid if his/her parents encourage his/her smartness as a talent and not something that is built and gained by hard work.

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Our general public venerates ability, and many individuals expect that having unrivaled knowledge or capacity—alongside trust in that capacity is a formula for progress especially for the kids. Nowadays, the kids hold an understood conviction that knowledge is intrinsic and settled, influencing endeavoring to figure out how to appear to be far less essential than being smart. 
We don't know what the article is so we can't figure out dweck's claim
What is the article?

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