What is DWP ISCS?

I am currently on income support (had a little girl last year) and today i found a large amount of money had been paid into my bank account with my national insurance number then dwp iscs next to it. I know that dwp is the department of working pentions however ‘iscs’ is a mystery to me and was hoping someone could shed some light on it. I will be ringing the dwp in the morning as they have been closed since i discovered it about an hour ago. But if someone knows what it is or why they have paid it into my account then i would love it if you could let me know so i can sort it out asap and not sound so clueless when i phone them in the morning. I would be grateful for any help anybody can offer. Thank you (From uk, lancashire)

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  • What Does Iscs Stand For

  • It’s an abbreviation for income support payment! It could be back pay owed hence the large amount. I would phone them just be sure, however I would suggest you don’t spend it until certain, as it could have been paid in error. We know how DWP works in mysterious ways and backed by a government that also never knows left from right without being told half the time!

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