What is full form of a.m & pm & gmt?

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  • a.m—–ante meridiem

    p.m—–post meridiem

    gmt—–Greenwich mean time

  • Ante-Meridian, Post-meridian and Greenwich Mean Time.

    AM means the sun is not past the meridian (the point it reaches at noon), PM is when it is past the meridian, and Greenwich Mean Time is the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in London. It is where all other times are based off of (GMT is the same as Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC). GMT is the time zone used by a few countries, including Britain, but only in the Winter.

  • Full Form Of Gmt

  • A.M —->Ante Meridian that is “local time of any place between Midnight and Mid-day i.e noon”.

    P.M —-> Post Meridian “local time of any place from Mid-day to Midnight”.

    G.M.T—–> Greenwich Mean Time(World Standard Time) that is”local time of Greenwich Royal Observatory through which passes the Prime Meridian(0 degree).

  • 1.] Ante Meridium,latin for “before noon” 2.] Post Meridium,latin for “after noon” 3.] gmt: Greenwich Mean Time.

  • It’s Ante Meridiem and Post Meridiem

    Ante means before, Post means after, Meridiem is Mid-day, or noon.

    GMT is Greenwich (pronounced Grenn-Itch) Mean Time and is a referance point for international time-zones. It has nothing to do with AM or PM, which is a purely local referance to whether or not the time is before or after mid-day.

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    What is full form of a.m & pm & gmt?

  • AM – “Anti meridian” PM – “Post Meridian” GMT – “Greenwich Mean Time”

  • am – ante meridiem – before noon

    pm – post meridiem: between noon and midnight

    ‘GMT’ is the abbreviated form of Greenwich Mean Time

  • AM = Anti meridian

    PM = Post Meridian

    GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

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    a.m. ante meridiem: before noon p.m. post meridiem: after noon

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