What is it called when the center sends the ball to the quarterback? (football)?

I know absolutely nothing about football (american football, that is, not soccer,) and I SWEAR TO GOD this question is in my homework packet for gym.....but apparently it's a 9-letter word, and I think it starts with an "s", or so the crossword tells me. I thought it was a "snap" or "hike", but I guess there's another word for it.....


"snapping" isn't a 9-letter word either.....

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  • a snap, sometimes they say he hiked the ball to the quarterback also

    wait hold on...9 letters?! wtf?! i have no idea...and i play football

  • It could be an indicator that is used to tell a receiver to run a different route due to the alignment of the defense. It is also used to signal the center that the QB is ready for the ball when ever the center is ready to snap the ball. But USUALLY, it is to signal the motion man to begin his motion. AND, sometimes it is simply to distract the defense, to make them look for what ever the QB may be signaling.

  • He is hiking the ball to the QB but some people call it a snap.

    Can't think of a 9 letter word that would fit.

  • Scrimmage

  • it's a snap, but sometimes also called a snapback. however thats not a 9 letter word either, but maybe it's meant to be plural.

    that's the only thing i know it's called.

  • The answer is "Scrimmage" . Derived from the game of Rugby

  • 9 letters are you sure? It's defiantly called a snap.

  • The answer on the homework is scrimmage I know because I have it.

  • Its call a snap.

  • THE ANSWER IS SCRIMMAGE! It's the only one that fit

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