What is it called when your cat arches its back and steps sideways?

it is kinda creeping me out and i want to know what it is called.

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  • When a cat arches it’s back & “sidles” sideways, it’s trying to make itself look “larger than life”, so as to intimidate whoever it’s facing. Kittens do this as part of their playtime……each one trying to be bigger than the other one……

    I call it a “Mexican standoff”, and that’s not to be meant as some kind of derogatory remark. It’s an OLD saying……when two people ( or animals ) can’t come to a mutual decision. Sorry if I hurt someone’s feelings…..not meant to!!

    Toms do this before getting into FIGHTS…….so, if your cat is doing this, and SWITCHING it’s tail, don’t try to pick it up……just leave the room and let it calm down…..or you could get hurt!

    Hope this helps……..Good luck with your kitty……….

  • I call it “Halloween Kitty Mode”. Sometimes the cat is just freaked out, but when kittens do it, it’s a prelude to an “attack” on a litter mate. The kittens usually jump sideways rather than step, but it’s the same thing.

  • My cat always did this when she was agitated or confused, if she puffs up her fur and draws her lip back that would signal aggression. If the fur is flat and smooth then she is just confused , but don’t try to reassure her with anything but your voice until she calms down.

  • defensive posture. done when the cat feels as if it’s being attacked

    also done by kittens in play. (some play behaviors are practice for adult hunting, survival, etc.)

  • I think that move is the Tango. The Argentinian Tango, to be more specific. Don’t be creeped out.

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