What is jamun called in english ? ?

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  • Jamun is called Jamun in English, coz its a fruit that is native to India, but its got many names, Jambul

    i think Java Plum is the best suit english name. But they also call it

    Eugenia, Jambolana, Plum, Black Plum, Jaman, Jambolan, Jambol, Java Plum, Indian Blackberry, Jamun, Faux Pistachier.

  • Jamun In English

  • Jamun Fruit

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    What is jamun called in english ? ?

  • Jamun is also known as Jaam/Kalojaam, Jambul, Nerale Hannu, Naval pazham,Neredupandu, Jamblang, Jambolan, Jambula, Black Plum, Damson Plum, Duhat Plum, Jambolan Plum, Java Plum or Portuguese Plum.

  • Presumably ‘Jamun’.

  • english jamun

  • Berries.

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