what is jenese qua? And is that the correct spelling?

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  • je ne sais quoi means: I don't know what


    Used to indicate a "certain something," as in "I really like Ann. She has a certain je ne sais quoi that I find very appealing."

  • I know French and I have been trying and trying to determine what QUA is.. It is not spelled right.. Jenese is not spelled right either and I am sure what you wanted to say instead of jenese is

    jeunesse(which means the youth.. the young..) but qua???

  • It literally means'I don't know'. but the spelling begins with Je ne. As the spelling just got fuzzy. sorry.

  • I believe it means I don't know in french. I have no idea the correct spelling

  • It's spelt "Je ne sais quoi."

    I literally translates as "I don't know what."

    So when something is missing a certain indefinable quality, it is said to be lacking a certain "Je ne sais quoi.:"

  • je ne sais qui (i think thats right) it means i don't know what as in that person has a certain air of i don't know what.

  • Je ne sais quoi. "I don't know what?"

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