what is koya? which we find to make jamon?

Preparing sweets and i hear it lot of times but what is it?


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  • Its a kind of substance( reduced milk) left behind after constantly boiling milk. You can easily make that at home but it consumes a lot of time and energy.

  • Koya is a Milk product,a very rich product which gives the taste which is required in preparing sweets but, high in calories.

  • look this is india from of sweet you are trying to make,

    koya or also called mava is made from milk , when it is constiently heated for long it is then hard and tastes good , even if u directly add sugar to koya and mix it is nice to taste thats perhaps a swweet called PEDA.

    but koya is usually purchased forom outside cause making it at home on domestic burbers is not …hmm generally done .

    follow the recipe ur using make …round balls ..fry them golden brown and then dip in sugar syrup hot ,,,so u are done

  • Koya…is also known as Khova…a milk product…you get this from Doodhwalas, some mithaiwals also sell unsweetened khoya.. see if you boil buffalo milk without burning for quite some time…..the solid mass that remains at the end of the process is khoya..or koya…thats it.

  • What Is Koya

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