what is meant by Some Graduate Level Courses?

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  • Some Graduate Level Courses

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    When a course has two numbers, one at undergrad and one at grad, the course will admit both sets of students. The professor teaching it will determine how the grading will be done for grads and undergrads. Less will be expected from the undergrads: e.g., they will have fewer readings or fewer essays. Grad students have a set number of courses they must take. Some of them are "core" courses that everyone in the same program MUST take. And the rest are electives. It may also depend on who is available to teach what course that year or semester. Seminar classes are all research based, and participatory. You will do presentations to your peers. Your thesis project may come out of one of these projects you do during a seminar class. Grad school is exciting. Go for it! Be prepared to do a lot of reading and writing and to hone your research skills. Good luck!

  • They are classes normally taken by students in a post-baccalaureat degree program.

    If you tell us the full context, or at least the complete sentence, we might be able to help you understand.

  • means you didn't quite get a masters degree, but you took some courses in grad school (after you finished 4 years of undergrad in college)

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