what is moonshine???

i heard its from europe and if you drink it you start to hallucinate and also it illegal???

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  • Kentucky and Tennessee are famous for making Moonshine. Its basically fermented alcohol brewed in your own home. It is illegal because it is so easy to make and impossible for the government to tax. It is extremely strong and can come in all different flavors.

    If you ever have moonshine, PLEASE take a small amount out of the jar with a spoon and light it on fire. If it burns any other color but blue, spill it out immediately! It is potentially hazardous. Some people get a kick out of making “moonshine” but instead it is potentially fatal.

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  • It is distilled alcohol. Good moonshine is as pure as you can get Ethanol 198 proof. Most is made to 190 proof. The taste and its effect are very much from the skill of whomever distilled it.

    It can me made from anything that contains alcohol. It can be made from beer or wine. The most common way is to mash grains and make beer. Unlike beer it is not aged (lager) and is generally distilled when the beer gets to about 2% ABV.

    Moonshine is illegal in places where alcohol is taxed. The process to make it is from factional distillation and these devices are illegal just about everywhere (the only exception being New Zeland). There is some argument about distillation of ethanol for fuel being alright, but it is more about trying to evade current law then anything else.

    Moonshine does not make you hallucinate, nor go blind. When you distill something you only get a very small fraction of it back in alcohol (remember the 2% ABV, that is 98% not alcohol). So many non reputable distillers add things to the alcohol that was the cause of these stories. Also people would make condescension coils out of things like car radiators or use lead solder which leached into the alcohol. But if it was made properly there is nothing to worry about, other then it’s legality.

  • it was a record label:

    Moonshine Music was a Los Angeles-based electronic music record label during the 1990s. Moonshine released over 250 compilations albums, many of which were DJ mixed. Moonshine, which helped to launch the career of DJ Keoki and his side-kick producer Dave Audé, released some of Dieselboy’s seminal albums

    As of 2007, Moonshine Music, Moonshine Records & Moonshine Media Inc. are no longer in business.

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    what is moonshine???

    i heard its from europe and if you drink it you start to hallucinate and also it illegal???

  • a long time ago there was an illegal drink called moonshine, it was called moonshine since it was an illegal drink and it was shipped at night, this was back in like the little house on prairie times so, i guess its from Europe but I have never heard of the hallucination, its was only illegal because it is like a modern day drug, if that makes since sorry if it didnt!!!

  • Moonshine (also referred to as white lightning, hooch, mountain dew, and various other terms) is a common name for illicitly-distilled liquor. The term is commonly believed to derive from early English smugglers (called moonrakers because of an 18th century legend) and Appalachian home distillers who often engaged in illegal distillation and distribution of moonshine whiskey clandestinely (i.e., by the light of the moon).

  • illegally distilled alcoholic beverages

    its from anywhere its illegal: US, europe, and many other places

    moonshine is illegal… otherwise it would be called grain alcohol, vodka, or whiskey

    it doesn’t make you hallucinate… you are likely thinking of Absinthe, which some belive does cause you to hallucinate

  • Bootleg alcohol from down south, it was mostly made during the prohibition era since alcohol became illegal.

    It’s like really concentrated alcohol so it causes weird stuff–it is really dangerous, and that’s why it’s still illegal even after prohibition ended.

    I don’t know if it started out in Europe, but in the U.S. it was produced mostly in the south and smuggled away.

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