What is opposite of coincidence?

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  • n

    Definition: accidental happening

    Antonyms: design, plan, scheme


    Definition: agreement; coexistence

    Antonyms: clash, deviation, difference, disagreement, divergence, mismatch


  • Opposite Of Coincidence

  • Coincidence Antonym

  • Have hope! I’m a cancer female, and i’m dating an Aquarius male. I’ve always thought astrology was fun, and considerably true. I’m a very, very typical cancer woman. Just recently i was looking at our compatibility for fun. I was shocked to find out our astrology signs aren’t in the slightest compatible. Despite what astrology indicates, we have a very successful, close, and honest relationship. Not to mention our bedroom life has been blossoming into an insanely wild, and passionate experience. We live together. We never yell or throw things, but we do occasionally argue, just like any other healthy relationship. My conclusions is, that sure, astrology holds quite a bit of truth. However, it also comes down to the individual person, and their life experiences. Don’t let a potentially explosive relationship pass you by because of astrology!

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    Opposite signs are either very very good matches or very very bad matches. It’s a 50/50 shot. I’m a gemini and i do not get along very good with sagittarius. I don’t think I could ever stand in a relationship because of the extreme rude behavior. My sister is gemini and shes married to a sagittarius she cheats non stop on this man he catches her they fight and break up, she leaves him or he leaves her and they always end up together again on the surface it seems like they hate each other but in fact they both like the drama and stay because while they complain non stop they actually love each other in some weird twisted way and are happy with the fighting and chaos…i have no idea how and a toxic relationship like that would drive me nuts. Chaos bugs me. But to answer your question from years of watching couples with opposites not just then it does seem like they are bad relationships or they end really badly. My 2nd oldest sister is Cancer with a Capricorn they just ended it seems like they are going to kill each other and now all she does is cry about it, hes cold and mean to her they are in there 30s and they treat the break up worse than 12yr olds. Opposite signs together is bad…very bad lol.

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    What is opposite of coincidence?

  • God’s sovereignty

  • Uncoincidental. That may not technically be a word, but I’d use it, and people will understand exactly what you mean if you do.

  • Fate? The inevitable?

  • obvious, predictable.

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