what is praline color?

im really light blonde . i want to dye my hair brown. my friend said praline color would be good on me. i want like light brown. is praline color dark or light? i dont want chocolate color.

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  • Its this colour,a bit darker than light brown and with golden toneshttp://www.paydenspharmacy.co.uk/product.asp?paren…

  • Praline Hair Color

  • Praline Color

  • I think praline can be any colour depending on what the flavour is inside the chocolate, for example it could be a chocolate with rasberry praline inside, Buy some chocolates with praline in them and see the colour for yourself. If you like it use that colour on your hair, if you can find it in a hair colourant.

  • Its like a caramel colour. Imagine the colour of toffee, or the inside of a rolo. Its that. Its lighter than chocolate. Go for some lowlights in a caramel colour that would look great on really light blonde.

  • Like a hazlenut brown. Be careful when going from light to brown as the browns always come out alot darker then it says on the box. After a few weeks it starts to fade, but I wanted my hair a chocolate brown once & it came out black. I looked like a goth & it was awful!

  • Its a light caramel blonde/brown, why dont you just get some darker blonde tones highlighted through your hair much nicer than a boring block colour, and remember its almost summer and the sun will lighten it whatever colour you decide on.

  • About the colour of pine wood furniture. Think of toffee or caramel. Light.

  • Its like this color. Hope your hair looks good!

  • It is a soft caramel color.

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