What is “repeater panel” used in fire detection systems? What functions can it perform?

If we have 5 panels linked with 1 Main control panel, Will all these 5 panels be considered as Repeater panels?

3 Answers

  • The repeater unit shows the same information as the main control panel, but at a remote location. Repeats all fault and fire messages Box and livery match the main panel Simple connection to main panel Can be located up to at least 30 metres from the main panel repeater panel looks very similar to the standard fire alarm control panel. It requires its own electricity supply and can be located up to 30 metres from the main control panel. The two panels can be connected using ordinary four-core telephone cable. The repeater panel has same lamps and text display as the main control panel. The lamps and text display will simply repeat whatever the main panel is showing. Read the web site page given below for more information. http://www.fire-dynamics.co.uk/html/repeater_panel…

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  • Where should put the Fire repeater panel layout ?

    I mean control room or outside public area ( Bus Interchange ).

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