What is Superman’s phone number?

also his email address

18 Answers

  • 911

  • supermans number ( the actor ) is 1-530-938-4645

    I don’t know his email but u can ask

  • His phone number is 579-7866

    Kry pton

  • superman has a nextel. His number is private. You can reach him by email at [email protected] No spam please.

    He does not take personal requests so don’t ask.

    Source(s): His personal assistant.
  • lol not 911 but his real email is dont tell brucewillaim.org/super boy.com or more simple way 911

  • Try the Krypton planetary yellow-pages…

  • simply texting the letter S to the phone number 43892 (GETWB).

  • im not totally sure, but you can call the justice league, look for it in the yellow pages, they may have some info on that.

  • you silly billy! its 9-1-1

    call and get helpl right away!

  • 1-800-upn-away..dunno his email though

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  1. superman can i have your phone number and email. i am a big fun and so is my friend luis we will only call you only in


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