What is that creepy Meme thing going round “I was dragging myself home exhausted after school..”?

Can someone tell me what happens? does something pop up? I’m too scared to do it 🙁 I CAN’T SCROLL DOWN. that’s it vv


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  • ….What is your computer possibley going to do to you? It was kinda funny. What 30+ year old wears pink pajams. No wounder she jumped off the building.

    ….Why would you be reading a horror manga if you are scared to begin with?

    If you can’t tell the woman is a ghoust. It is supposed to be scary.

  • Scary Ghost Meme

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  • haha I had that one saved for such an occasion though mine was still in korean it’s good to know what it’s talking about. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard the “where’s my baby” horror story.

  • There are a couple places where this ghost or demon chick moves and it’s pretty freaking scary. It actually moves….

    It tells a story about a girl who is walking home after school. Usually there are people around, but no one is this time. Then she sees a figure walking. It’s a woman. She is walking strangely and looks a bit crippled. She catches up to the woman quickly. (this is where she moves her head) The woman turns towards the girl with blood on her face. She asks where her baby is. The girl wants her to go away, so she points in a faraway area. The woman leaves. The girl then hears her scream, “She’s not there!” (this is where she comes after you) Then the girl passes out. She wakes up and figures out that her neighbor took her home.

    It turns out, the woman has a ghost who had committed suicide. She had an affair, and her husband divorced her and got custody of their 2 year old daughter. She has been seen around the apartment complex several times.

    Source(s): Read the comic
  • Holy **** that was scary. It was about a girl walking home from school late at night. She gets worried because she sees no one on the street whereas it’s usually a busy street. She sees a woman limping ahead of her, she has on pink pajamas with messed up black hair and her body is disoriented looking. She tries to slow down and not pass her since she is too scared. The woman turns around and asks “where’s my baby” (I scrolled down so fast omggg that was scary. It’s animated so you see her turning) The girl points ahead of her trying to get her as far away from her as possible. The lady goes that way. The girl turns around about to run another way home when she hears the lady scream “MY BABY’S NOT THERE” (or something I scrolled down EXTRA fast) The next slide shows an animation of the lady attacking the girl/screen (omggggg that was scary as helllllllllll). The girl then says she blacked out and the next thing she remembers is her neighbor carying her home. There then is an explanation of the lady, saying that she got divorced and lost custody of her child, causing her to jump off her apartment.

    Source(s): I watched it. Some info might be wrong because I skimmed that shit so quick. PS: You may have scarred me for life.


    No sleep tonight omfg

  • Mother of God….

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