What is that word George Lopez always says?

It’s like "Oralay!" or something. What does it mean?

5 Answers

  • Orale is a mexican word it could mean more than one thing. but some say it means hale yeah. or right. Some use it as an expression like when they are excited or the see something that freaks them out.

  • George Lopez Wapa

  • Pudra isn’t a Spanish be conscious, yet possibly he stated "Puta". Puta is a derogatory term for a unrespectable lady. It interprets to a ɡɑɡgle of words, inclusive of: ᴘʀosтιтuтe, tramp, hooker, slut, whore, ***** (lady canine), and so on.

  • He always says…WAPA!!!

    That’s his trademark saying.

  • I’m guessing it’s spanish……..I wouldn’t know though cuz idk spanish

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