what is the american translation for the korean word Chachi?

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  • Chachi (자지) is the Korean word for penis..

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    what is the american translation for the korean word Chachi?

  • My friend in middle school was from Korea, and one day during class I asked, "what is the name of that new show from happy days... you know, the one where Joni has a boyfriend?" Well, as people are so often eager to assist with trivial information, almost in unison they (including the teacher) yelled "JOANIE LOVES CHACHI.!" At that point when I looked over at Sung hanging out the side of his desk nearly falling onto the floor laughing, I was then sure about the Korean translation for penis.

  • Korean Word For Penis

  • 'American' is not the language you are asking for.

    English is it. The Native Americans would've spoke any language that would be considered "American". Just pointing that out. Sorry I don't know but I starred your question I hope it helps if my contacts answer some are Korean.

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    제기랄 -"Goddamn it!" 젠장- "Damnit!" (a little softer than the one above) 망할 놈- This one can translated in English as a "fu*k-up"- 놈 means "b*stard", and 망 is a mistake, so the literal translation of 망할 놈 would be "a b*stard that keeps messing up" 망할 년- The same as above, except for a girl. 년 does not mean a boy in this case, it is used in the same way as the word "b*tch" in English 미친 놈- crazy b*stard (미치다 is the verb "to be crazy") 미친 년- crazy b*tch

  • Oppa is what a female calls her older brother. These days it is also used to refer to an older male friend or your boyfriend. I call my bf Yong oppa for instance.

  • I think you actually knew this, and this is a joke for you, huh? It's a derogatory word for Penis... more akin to dick... you can fill in the blanks with more.

  • jaji !!!! 자지

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