What is the answer to 1+2+3×0?

8 Answers

  • You have to take PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponent, multiplication, division, subtraction) into consideration. No parenthesis? Moving on. No exponent? Moving on. But there is multiplication, so you do that before the addition. 3×0=0. And then, you get to 1+2=3.

    The answer is three.

    Anyone who says it’s zero is ill informed.

  • If the x is a multiplication symbol the answer not 0! work it out:

    P E M D A S


    E.. I foget the E





    Thats the order so:






    the answer would be 3

  • Is the x a times symbol or a variable?

    if it’s a times symbol, it becomes 1+2+0=3

  • if you use the order of operations, then the answer is 3 because after multiplication, it would be 1+2+0 which equals 3

  • 3 is the answer… follow the MDAS rule…

    1st do multiplication

    2nd division

    3rd addition

    4th subtraction

    but if there’s a parenthesis, do that first before MDAS.

  • 3 if you follow the order of operations being parentheses,exponents,(multiply+divide),(add+subtract) add,subtract and multiply,divide can be switched up and still turn out the same

  • 0 zero. anything multiplied by 0 is 0

  • its 3 because you have to multiply first then add

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