what is the average lifespan of a mouse?

how long does the mouse live if not killed by traps cats or poison

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  • Although they may live up to two years in the lab, the average mouse in the wild lives only about 3 months, primarily due to heavy predation. Cats, wild dogs, foxes, birds-of-prey, snakes and even certain kinds of insects have been known to prey heavily upon mice.

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  • Lifespan Of A Mouse

  • If a house mouse is a pet, the average life span is about 2 years.

    In the wild, most mice do not live beyond 12-18 months.

  • It all depends on the environment. Obviously putting an mouse in an cage is not an good environment. nor is leaving it roam into the wild where it is prone to predators and other deadly(chemicals and other products) and stressful factors. (as is with humans.)

    If it has an sense of freedom and safety, can roam in an fairly clean and wide aria, can be busy and has controlled and proper food. Add to that some kind of education or training and self awareness. The span of live will be greatly expanded. Taken in account that the ‘specimen’ has no other deadly hereditary disease or the likes.

    All in all, we do not know what the life span of an mice is other then those that are recorded of the moment.

    But it is fair to say that using mice in labs(or in a cage at home) is an abomination to say the least. And a total disrespect for life even if the means ‘seem’ to justify the end of the specimen.

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    what is the average lifespan of a mouse?

    how long does the mouse live if not killed by traps cats or poison

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    Ive done some research since considering a pet mouse myself. Fancy mice, the kind meant for pets generally live about 2-4 years. Ive heard five but thats streching it. Feeder mice however are more prone to being delecate because they innerbreed (Breed with family, it causes genitic errors) And it makes them weaker. The are also more suseptable to cancer and tumors. I hear the avergae life span of a well taken car of feeder mouse is about 7 months or so. Maybe a year if your lucky. Id say your mousy lived pretty long for a feeder.

  • I have a “feeder” mouse for a pet that is almost three years old. She seems to be just as healthy as my two other pet mice that were the “fancy” mice kind.

  • 2 years? maximum 3 years

    In wikipedia they said maximumm life span 4 years

  • I think It depends on how lucky it is, with all the mouse traps, rat poison and hell know what,.. they dont go beyond two days of their eternal life.

  • Hello an interesting question i think that it is about 3-3 mouths

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